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I woke up one day and realized that I could be the change I wanted to see in the world. I got off the treadmill of life and decided to run metaphorical marathons instead. The limiting thoughts, the bad behaviors all began to be distant memories because I was what I like to call "activated." My journey wasn't particularly earth shattering but every step of the way I have gained knowledge which I apply and share with others today. 


My Passion

Throughout my career, while climbing the ladder to become a producer, director, small business coach and inspirational speaker, I have experienced the peaks and valleys of great joy and devastating loss. My purpose and passion is to harness the experiences of my journey to help others realize and embrace their own. I love dishing out "Ah Ha" moments. These moments are where you can see the breakthrough happening for someone right before your eyes. 

We all start from the same place of being whole when we are born. Most of our lives we strive to find our way back to feeling complete again. Life is all about this journey: traveling past the guilt, fear and resentment that prevent us from having true peace, love and success. Whatever your priorities are – family, relationships, spirituality, professional growth or financial gains – I love discussing the ways we can all achieve our own personal satisfaction and balance.

My Journey 

I am an Atlanta native, film producer/director/writer who was raised in the industry from a young age. When I stepped onto my first music video set at 19, I was a college student, and I immediately felt like I had found my home. Atlanta's music industry was booming in the early 90's and I was a part of that urban scene that produced so many trends and chart-topping groups. This new creative arena proved to be a consistently stressful world, and I literally burned out in the mid 90's and decided to go into marketing while staying in the music business. I held posts at several labels and even Atlanta's Hot 107.9 as marketing director. But the film industry was forever my first love and I returned to it in 2004. I would continue to climb the ranks working under some great producers and directors until I gained greater footing and confidence to step out on my own in that capacity. What I realize now, is that I lacked the tools and the mindset to actualize my full potential. I was stuck in a world producing and directing projects that I had no interest in and more importantly, that I didn't truly feel proud of. When I decided to "Activate" and follow a few universal principles, my entire life changed. I became the happy, healthy person who picks and chooses projects, coaches small businesses on navigating the digital space, and has become a socially conscious leader in the community. And now I'm here to tell you, if I can change the entire trajectory of my life, so can you!

  • I've produced over 500 music videos, commercials, marketing promos, television shows and other digital media content.

  • I am a member of Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms' LGBTQ Advisory Board 

  • I have active partnerships with 2 local charities ReImagine ATL and the Logan Wilkes Foundation.