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Eventually everyone in life has their wake up call.

My wake up call rang loud and clear when my father died In 2006. I was a spiritual, mental and physical wreck. Professionally, I was rising in an arena I had no desire to be in anymore. I was estranged from my family and my friends were questionable "subtractors" in my life. At one of the darkest times, divine intervention prevailed by sending me a woman who would change my life forever, and her name was Toni Rey. She saw me for who I was, and gently introduced me to many of the principles I am rooted in today. She challenged me to find my life's purpose. Today, I challenge anyone who crosses my path who has not yet figured out that life is not about the "material space," to open up the channels, get on the right frequency and find joy from "walking in your purpose" everyday. 

I started my process by shifting perspective and dreaming differently for myself, and below you can hear more about that. I wouldn't be here today as an inspirational speaker who also creates cool content and coaches small businesses if I had not decided to actually dream myself through the next 3 decades. My future is signed, sealed and delivered... is yours? Let's talk about it!



Dream - Captain Cunningham
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the believers

the believers

"Lisa and her team were able to help rebrand my company, Summech CDC and take us into the digital space with social media, fund raising campaigns and more!" Janis Ware, Executive Director, Summech CDC 

"Since we started five years ago, Lisa has consistently supported our efforts to empower the next generation of storytellers. She has been a regular mentor to our students during our summer film camp and throughout the school year." 

Reimagine ATL, Founder, Susanna Spiccia

"Lisa has directed several marketing videos for our campaigns and she nails it each time. It is her passion for each project that shines through in her work and is ultimately seen in the quality on screen." Monica Coleman, Comm. Dir. Black Women's Health Imperative

"I'm going through my day and something Lisa has told me in one of our coaching sessions jumps out at me and lets me know I'm heading in the right direction. I swear it feels like she has known me for years." Brittany McCall, Fitness Enthusiast 

"Lisa takes production very seriously. I have seen her give the same attention to detail no matter how big or small the project is. Her energy as a leader motivates those around her." James Boston, Radiant3 Owner

"Lisa came and spoke to my students at Therrell High and her messaging was powerful. I was even moved by her words of empowerment combined with her transparent stories." Coach Christie, V.P. Therrell High School

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