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With nearly three decades of experience in the entertainment industry, Lisa Cunningham has seamlessly transitioned from her roots in film and video within the entertainment arena to directing impactful health and social justice projects. Through this transformation, she has lent her expertise to companies, guiding them in crafting content that resonates deeply with diverse communities while setting them apart in a competitive landscape. Lisa's transformative journey fuels the narrative in one of her signature talks, "The Power of the Remix," where she passionately inspires audiences to embrace change and discover inventive solutions to challenges. Known for her compelling calls to action and authentic storytelling, Lisa captivates as a powerful and engaging speaker.

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Born and raised in Atlanta, Lisa has become a prominent advocate and influencer within the LGBTQ community. In 2018, she was appointed by Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to serve on the city's LGBTQ Advisory Board, which spearheaded her into many platforms speaking to a diverse range of audiences, including both corporate and non-profit groups. Lisa is deeply committed to diversity and inclusion, and she draws on her personal experiences growing up in Atlanta, as well as her extensive knowledge of LGBTQ issues, to deliver talks that inspire and unify. Her popular talk, "Becoming an Ally in the Workplace and Beyond," challenges audiences to examine their assumptions and provides actionable steps for creating a more inclusive environment.




"Since we started five years ago, Lisa has consistently supported our efforts to empower the next generation of storytellers. She has been a regular speaker at our events and a mentor to our students."


I am an Atlanta native, who stepped onto my first music video set at 19 and became a part of Atlanta's music industry which was booming in the early 90's. This new creative arena proved to be a consistently stressful world, and I literally burned out in the mid 90's and decided to go into marketing while staying in the music business. I held posts at several labels and even Atlanta's Hot 107.9 as marketing manager. But the film industry was forever my first love and I returned to it in 2004. I climbed the ranks and eventually became both a director and producer. But what I realize now, is that I lacked the tools and the mindset to actualize my full potential. I was stuck in a world producing and directing projects that did not make me proud.  When I decided to "Remix" and follow a few universal principles, my entire life changed. I became the happy, healthy person who picks and chooses projects, motivates in the diversity and inclusion arena, and has become a socially conscious leader in the community. Now I'm here to tell you, if I can change the entire trajectory of my life, so can you!

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